Managed IT Services

We offer a comprehensive array of support services uniquely designed to minimize business disruptions and the overall cost of technology

Consulting & Advisory Services

Our services are uniquely suited to bridge the gap between an organization’s technology and their business goals and objectives.

We Guarantee IT!

We’ve learned that “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is not an effective approach in technology systems. The impact of one major failure typically outweighs the cost of preventive maintenance and regular system monitoring. IDP has proven this concept over the last 20+ years by measuring and substantiating a significant reduction in downtime across its vast customer base. This success is derived from the proactive nature of our service delivery methodology. We guarantee IT!

IDP Consulting is now Ivionics!

IDP was renamed to Ivionics to better reflect the mission of the company: to provide information collaboration yielding ultimate efficiency.